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About Deal Alerter


Deal Alerter is a service of Consumer World®, a leading online non-commercial, public service consumer resource guide.

Founded by long time consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky, Deal Alerter joins his other consumer education sites -- Mouse Print* (which exposes the strings and catches in advertising fine print) and MrConsumer (a consumer news blog).

Deal Alerter is powered by PriceGrabber, a comparison price shopping robot that provides all the pricing and notification services.


Users provide no personal information to DealAlerter.com including email addresses, login information, or pricing alerts. As a result, no such information is collected by us. As with any website, server log files contain information such as IP address and the site that referred you to DealAlerter.com. We do not use this information other than in the aggregate to count visitors, etc.

Anyone can use the price comparison services of PriceGrabber anonymously without registering. If, however, you want to set up a price alert, you have to provide an email address in order to receive those alerts. You also have to register with PriceGrabber so it can keep all your alert settings in one place, and allow you to view or modify them. Your email address, price alerts, and login information are provided to the shopping robot, PriceGrabber.com, and not to DealAlerter.com. PriceGrabber generally does not use this information for other than their stated purpose. Here is their privacy policy.


The services on this site are provided "as is." By accessing this site, you agree and understand that DealAlerter.com provides no services of its own. All price alert and price comparison services are provided by PriceGrabber.com, and they are solely responsible for those services. You agree to be bound by PriceGrabber's terms of service and to hold DealAlerter.com and Consumer World harmless for all claims of whatever nature that may arise out of use of the services offered. You further understand that no shopping robot, including PriceGrabber, scans every store online for prices and products, but rather only those sellers within its database. Other sources of discounts are not included in PriceGrabber's search. The actual availability of any product and price depends exclusively on the ultimate seller of that product, which is beyond the control of PriceGrabber, DealAlerter.com and Consumer World. Prudent shoppers should use multiple sources to check prices and products.

This site is copyrighted, and you agree not to copy, modify, mirror, or otherwise utilize the content or look and feel of the site without the written permission of Consumer World.


Please direct any questions or comments to:
comment (at symbol) consumerworld.org or write to: Consumer World, PO Box 45535, Somerville, MA 02145

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