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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to common questions about Deal Alerter.

1. What is Deal Alerter?

Deal Alerter is an email notification service to let you know when a specific product you are interested in buying is being offered for sale at the target price you set. It is similar to travel sites that monitor airfares from point A to point B, and send you an alert when fares drop.

2. How does it work?

Using a comprehensive shopping robot site (PriceGrabber), you search for a specific item of interest and check the range of prices currently being offered for it at dozens of online stores. If you are ready to buy, clickthrough to the particular online seller. On the other hand, if you think prices are currently too high, you can set up a price alert. You enter a target price -- the realistic price you are willing to pay. Then, the shopping robot will go out daily and check prices for that item. If if finds a store in its database that has dropped the item to your target price or below, you will get an email notification.

3. Do I have to pick a specific item?

Yes, but you can start out searching a general category, such as flat panel TVs or GPS units. Ultimately, when you have narrowed your choices to a one or more specific models, you can set a price alert for each.

4. Where exactly do I find the "set price alert" feature?

After you have a specific item, and are on the page showing a list of comparison prices at various sellers, the "set price alert" link is just above the list to the right.

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5. Why set up a price alert?

Convenience. Rather than repeatedly searching for the same item to see if prices have dropped, let Internet technology do the work for you automatically.

You can have it continue to search all stores daily, or select certain stores. For example, if you want a particular TV carried by Best Buy and Circuit City but the price is too high now, you can set a price alert for just those two merchants. When the item is reduced online to the price you set, you will get an email alert.

6. When will I get a price alert?

As soon as the shopping robot finds a store in its database that is offering the product you selected at or below the target price you set, you will get an email alert. The prices it checks generally do not include rebates or additional savings occasionally offered elsewhere by using coupons or discount codes. Since no single shopping robot scans all online stores, it is always a good idea to use several to get a fuller picture of prices being offered.

7. How do I manage all my price alerts?

You can login to view, change, or delete any of your alerts here.

8. What are some other uses for Deal Alerter?

It is a good way to find out if an item you buy goes on sale for less after you buy it. Since many stores have price guarantees that promise to meet or beat competitors' prices, this may be a way to get back some extra money if the price drops.

9. Why do I have to register?

You can use the shopping robot to comparison shop anonymously. If, however, you want to set up a price alert, you have to provide an email address in order to receive those alerts. You have to register with PriceGrabber so it can keep all your alert settings in one place, and allow you to view or modify them.

10. What do you do with my personal information? does nothing with it because you are providing no information to us. Your email address, price alerts, and login information are provided to the shopping robot, They generally do not use this information for other than their stated purpose. Here is their privacy policy.

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